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Lex Brodie’s Big Island Express Car Wash Kona
Lex Brodie’s Big Island Express Car Wash Kona
Lex Brodie’s Big Island Express Car Wash Hilo
Car Wash Shelby

Lex Brodie's Big Island Express Car Wash

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Get a Wash That’s Fast, Affordable & Fun

We offer flexible wash packages plus FREE vacuums  so you can relax while you enjoy a wash that’s fast, affordable and fun.





Car Washes Starting at Just $18 Per Wash

With washes starting at just $18 per wash, we have a wash for everyone. Cruze by one of our 2 island locations for a fast, affordable, and fun experience that won’t feel like a chore at all!

Car Wash Shelby

Lex Brodie's
Big Island Express
Car Wash

Quality Express Car Wash at an Affordable Price!

Happy Customers

Very convenient!

Very convenient! Washed my van and vacuumed it!! With 9 kids the car gets to be a mess! 2 people can vacuum at the same time!! Awesome!

These guys are awesome!

These guys are awesome! They work hard, their friendly and i love coming to wash all my rides, especially my truck, comes out shiny!! Love it!

Fun as a ride at one of Disney’s theme parks!

It’s almost as much fun as a ride at one of Disney’s theme parks! Really cool pastel colors in the soaps and cleansers being sprayed on your car as you ride through the car wash!

Clean car, affordable & well worth the money

Awesome service! Clean car, affordable & well worth the money. They provide a wipe to clean your dash and an air freshener, along with free vacuums to clean inside your car The exterior wash does a good job too!

Fantastic service

Fantastic service, friendly staff, always clean and efficient- vacuums have great suction and are cleaned regularly. Highly recommended.

Best auto wash in Kona

By far the best auto wash in Kona! First of all, the entire process was a breeze. The nice staff greeted me with a smile and were very approachable. They genuinely looked like they enjoy their job.

There was only 2 cars ahead of me but it seemed like no one was. I didn’t wait more than 2 minutes! After I paid, I was given a free air freshener and a towel to clean my interior.

When I came out of the wash there were several open FREE vacuums to use. I will definitely be back!

Wash system is awesome

Their service & equipment for the car wash system is awesome. I have had my membership for my car for almost 2 years and enjoy taking my mustang for a car wash


5 STARS, all the way. Been here on 2 different trips and it has always been fantastic. They give you a wipe cloth for the dash board, a small deodorizer for the interior, and there is even a clip for the floor mats by the vacuum area. The employees/owners stay late cleaning the entire grounds well past closing. And they have 2 guys hosing off your car when you begin the ‘automated” carwash. They are better than anywhere I have ever been in the past 10 years between here and Los Angeles.

Shiny tires

I have several cars I wash on a regular basis. ALL of the staff at Lex Brodies have always given me friendly service and have been helpful. The vacuums are great for removing the sand and dirt that is left behind. My favorite feature aside from friendly service is the tire shine product. Even though I have to wipe it off the rims, I don’t have to inhale the toxic spray when doing it myself at home… Shiny tires make a difference in my opinion… I am very grateful we have a Lex Brodies in Kona!

Advanced car wash

Advanced car wash with nice vacuum station and helpful attendants. I take 3 cars to your wash every week.

Friendly, professional

Friendly, professional, and nice clean car. Love the vacuums.

Good service

“Good service. Pleasant attendant that was very helpful. Good car wash result. Free vacuum after.”

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